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CYLINDER KIT 14-18 YZF250 77mm ATHENA P400485100049 STD

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Part Number: 56-K170.77.CKA
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Part No. 56-K170.77.CKA

Yamaha WR250F 2015 - 2018,,,
Yamaha YZ250F 2014 - 2018,,,

ATHENA P400485100049 STD CYLINDER KIT 77.00mm BORE

Athena standard Kit cylinder, specific for Yamaha YZF250

2014 and 2015, include a nickel-plated Cylinder of 77 mm diameter, a forged piston and a gasket Kit for the installation. This cylinder Kit is the perfect substitute to the original raplacement and it can be installed without modifying the original crankcase. The high quality standards in production and perfect sealing ensured by the system of multi- layer head gasket pads, guarantees quality and performances compared to the original at an unbeatable price.

Cross reference numbers ONLY.
S4F07700028A Forged Piston 76,96,,,
S4F07700028B Forged Piston 76,97,,,
P400485160191 Gaskets Kit For Athena Cylinder Kit,,,
S41316169 Rings

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